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Hi. I'm a writer. My work has appeared in Playboy, Five Chapters, Post Road, National Geographic Traveler and Southwest Magazine, among other publications. I've been awarded a Creative Writing Fulbright Fellowship to Italy, a MacDowell Arts Colony Fellowship, a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency, and a Bread Loaf Writers' Conference work-study (waiter) scholarship, and I have a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas.

I've just finished my first story collection, and am
in the process of revising my first novel; it's about an American chemist whose mother is battling cancer, who goes to Sicily to study the potentially healing properties of its native herbs.  While there, she meets the father she's never known, a puppeteer struggling to save his theater from destruction.

For more detailed information, please visit the pages above or see the most recent updates below. I'm gonna redesign this site, one of these days.

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News: 5/10/15 -- I've *just* completed my first short story collection, AQUA VITAE. I'm feeling good about that. Now commences my summer novel-writing blitz -- hoping to finish the revision of my "Sicily novel" which I've put aside for a long time (really, since my son was born, over two and a half years ago). If you're interested, I've written recently about the long journey this book has taken me on (which has included learning a new language, moving to Sicily to spend a year hanging out with old-time puppeteers, and, more recently, overcoming intense and deep-seated fears, among assorted other challenges); you can read a bit here. Happy to be feeling inspired and working towards this goal with fresh insight and determination.

3/24/15 --
I'm happy to have a new short story, "Someday All This Could Be Yours," in the Spring 2015 issue of storySouth.

1/13/15 --
Meant to post this over the holidays
: I was glad to contribute to another of Giuseppe Taurino's wonderful blogs for "Bourbon and Milk," over at American Short Fiction. This time he asked asked some writer-parents to identify and write about “crappy” parents in literature, and some writers who aren't parents to chime in about “exemplary” fictional parents. Some wonderful insights here... Check out the post!

News: 11/04/14 -- Another story of mine, "The Same River," is online along with some gorgeous other pieces on The Account, a wonderful new online journal founded and edited by my friend, the poet and essayist Tyler Mills. It's a beautiful site. Each poem/essay/story includes a brief account by the author. As the site says: "An account of a specific work traces its art--through texts and world--while giving voice to the artist's approach. The literary/art market's tidal wave can tend to engulf the maker's account of the work. We believe that an account can restore the relationship between artist and aesthetic."

News: 11/04/14 -- Thrilled to have a new story, "Aqua Vitae" on the wonderful FiveChapters this week. This is the title story from the linked collection I am very close to completing (!), and I'm so glad for the chance to be up on 5C again.

12/26/13 -- Happy to learn that my story "The Long Life Hotel" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

News: 12/26/13 -- Meant to post this earlier: I had the pleasure of contributing to Giuseppe Taurino's "Bourbon and Milk," a series of blog posts about writing and parenthood over at American Short Fiction. You can read "Profitable Forgetting," about dealing with cliche, here

News: 10/23/13 -- Thrilled to share my first new story since becoming a mother, "The Long Life Hotel," up now on At Length. Also so pleased that my short piece "Novitiate" is up at Post Road, part of the Guest Folio edited by the amazing Elizabeth Graver. For Post Road, I was asked to write a short (500 word) piece inspired by the issue's cover art, a sculpture called "Passage de la Tour." You can read Elizabeth's lovely introduction to the Folio here.

News: 09/12/13 -- After some major life changes in the past year and a bit of a forced hiatus, I'm thrilled to have a new story coming soon in At Length, and a poem, "Novitiate," appearing as part of the Guest Folio in the latest issue of Post Road--both are wonderful publications that I'm honored to be a part of. Back in the saddle again...

News: 04/09/12 -- I've been offered a summer residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Hoping to use this gift of time and creative space to put the finishing touches on the final revision of what I've come to call my "Sicily novel." 

News: 04/09/12 -- I'm honored to have a new story, "Only Small Things," forthcoming in the May issue of Meridian.

News: 06/20/11 -- New story in Five Chapters this week!

News: 06/09/11 -- This fall I will be the recipient of a MacDowell Colony Fellowship. The residency promises to be an inspiring and challenging experience, and I am very much looking forward to it. To learn more about this amazing Colony, which in its hundred-year-history has supported the work of thousands of artists, click here.

News: 05/31/11 -- Just learned I was awarded a "waitership" at this summer's Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. This recent piece in the Huffington Post by former BL waiter Ru Freeman has gotten me excited...

News: 09/08/10 -- I'm thrilled to announce that my short story "Woman, Fire and the Sea" will appear in the October issue of Playboy as winner of their 2010 College Fiction Contest. The magazine has a long tradition of publishing great fiction, from writers like Nabokov, Marquez, Updike, Vonnegut, Denis Johnson...The issue hits the newsstands September 17th.