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I wrote about the world's first known dog-fox hybrid for National Geographic

Grief is a Distant Planet: On Sci-Fi and My Dad at Salon

How reading "The Secret Garden" with my daughter reframed what it means to live forever, at Electric Literature

"The ongoing saga of the red wolf—its dramatic comeback from extinction, spiral back toward the brink, and ongoing fight for survival—illustrates not only the complex relationships humans have with apex predators, but also the difficult work of conservation..." Thrilled to be able to write about red wolves again for National Geographic.

"How to Teach Wolves to Be Wild," for

I wrote again for National Geographic about endangered red wolves and how to keep them from going extinct.

I wrote for HuffPost Personal about how long COVID is affecting my family. 

I wrote for Salon about how long COVIDg is affecting OTHER people's families and relationships. Grateful to those who kindly shared their stories of suffering and resilience with me.

I wrote about my current obsessions, endangered wolves and lost worlds, in a little pandemic dispatch for Harvard Review.


I was thrilled to write about the release of critically endangered red wolves -- only about twenty of which remain in the wild, nowhere else in the world but in my home state of North Carolina -- for National Geographic.

For more samples of my work, scroll on down past these puppet heads.

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In addition to writing fiction, I do freelance research and editorial work and am a regular contractor for National Geographic.
Below are a few samples of nonfiction work.

How "I May Destroy You" is Helping to Shatter My Shame, Sept 2020

Trebek tribute! in June 2019.

American Short Fiction's "Bourbon and Milk" blog:

Read my contribution to a compilation of writers musing about crappy/stellar parents in literature here
and on parenthood and cliche here.  

Showtime! Magazine
I had the pleasure of writing several pieces for the Carolina Theatre's new magazine, Showtime!. My stories about the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the Henson Alternative's "Stuffed and Unstrung" improv show, and the Theatre's own exciting historic exhibit are available here, and the inaugural issue (with my stories on Canadian family performers Leahy, the legendary Aaron Neville, the Carolina Theatre's recent renovation) is available here.

National Geographic Traveler's IntelligentTravel blog:
Hong Kong's Cultural Kaleidoscope Program
Hong Kong's Modern Toilet Restaurant 


Washington Flyer magazine:
Cover story on eating in Rome and article on Little Tokyo in Los Angeles

 Southwest Airlines in-flight Spirit Magazine (now called Southwest):
I was a regular contributing writer for several issues of Spirit, and wrote about ice artists, pirate museums, and lots in between. Here are a few samples.
"Pirate Soul in Key West"
"King Tut Comes to Texas"


National Geographic Traveler
"Pasticceria Cappello: Palermo's Best Cannoli"

National Geographic Magazine Special Issues: Space, Flashback, Swimsuits, others

National Geographic Magazine online extra

"Did You Know? Suakin Island"
Hungry? Boston Restaurant guide 


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